Super Strong Red Clover Tincture

Super Strong Red Clover Tincture

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This is a super strong tincture. It has been brewing since September 14, 2019 and was bottled on April 17, 2020.

Even though I grew up picking red clover and tasting its sweetness and spending hours looking for four leaf clovers and dreaming, I didn't always know how magical clover was. Several years ago, I got more interested in plant magick and when I started learning I was much more interested in the exotic and poison plants. 

Clover seemed so common and not even on my radar until last year, visiting my homeland in West Virginia, I began to pick it from the land I grew up on and then decided to make some fun treats with it. I made clover cookies, clover pudding and clover syrup. 

I began drinking the syrup every day in my tea and thus, began my magical alliance with clover. Clovers entered my dreams and brought me peace, bliss and abundance.

As I decided to cut way back on sugar, I stopped using the syrup. I began to miss clover's energy in my life. I decided to make a batch of clover tincture and I had intended to let it brew for about 6- 8 weeks. However, it was finally ready to bottle on April, 17, 2020, over six months after I put it together.  It made sense as the clover was popping up all over South Carolina at that time and I'd already been harvesting it to make some more clover goodies.

Clover is supposed to be good for menopausal symptoms, cough, asthma and some other health benefits but I haven't used it for medicinal purposes and make no medical claims about it. It you are interested in the health benefits, google is your friend.

For me, it is my favorite plant ally. My father’s family came from a place in West Virginia called Clover Run. They always talked about going over to Clover. I grew up with Clover growing all around me and now it is everywhere around me here in South Carolina. 

Magically, clover is used to attract luck, abundance and love. It makes me feel more connected to my home when I ingest it regularly. It, also, gives me wicked cool dreams, think theatrical dancing clover spirits. 


Anointing items for luck, abundance and love

You can use this to anoint the corners of your home, the doorways, your business items, you wallet and/or purse, pictures of you and your love, and anything your want to bring luck or abundance to.. It can be used in in workings for luck, money, business, love, etc.  

Creating a relationship with the Clover Deva 

If you want to work more deeply with the energy of clover, you can add a few drops of this tincture to any beverage. I add it to my morning and evening tea but you can put it in coffee, juice, wine, etc. I would suggest a few drops a few times a day.

If you decide to do this, I would recommend, also, doing some meditations on the Deva of Clover and on clover in general. Clover has a sweet and helpful spirit. Even though, it is associated with Ireland, I feel no trickster energy as one would expect from leprechauns.  Clover just feels steady, light, uplighting and super helpful. Clover feels like it hands out lucky charms to anyone would ask. Maybe the leprechauns are there to balance out the giving of clover with a little trickery?

Just for fun I'll throw in a simple online meditation that you can use to connect with the deva of clover or any plant ally with all purchases.