Moon & Magick Planner


Plan on Magick!

Magick doesn't just  happen. We have to intend,  interact with, and plan on Magick to fully see it work in our lives. 

The Moon & Magick Planner gives you a tool to plan, record, remember and celebrate your magickal practice and results!

This is no ordinary planner. It follows the 13 moons of the year, not the months, and is designed to support you in working with the Lunar Cycle all year long to the make the most of your manifesting and magick in 2019! There are planning "moon" pages for each of the 13 moons, along with weekly planning pages,  and monthly check-in page.

I  began planning my life around the Lunar calendar several years back. It does take a little getting used to that I turn my calendar on a different day as most people, the new moon as opposed the first of the month, but I adore feeling the alignment with the cycles nature this planning method invokes. To achieve this, the monthly pages are not monthly--they follow the Lunar calendar and start on the New Moon and end on the last day before the next New Moon. (See first moon image for a sample) This calendar also has a Monday start so the the weekends are together for planning purposes.

There are lots of pages for notes in the back, too! Lined notes, grid paper notes and blank note pages! Solar Sabbat dates are included along with the moon phases images. 

The hardcopy Moon & Magick planner is currently on pre-order now through November 3rd for $29.99. On November 4th, the price will go up to $39.99.

The digital copy of the Moon & Magick planner is available now as a PDF that  you can print or use in digital program such as GoodNote for $11.11