Altruistic Alchemy

I believe giving back is part of how Alchemy works. What we give, we receive. Since on a deeper level we are all one, what we wish for and give to one another we wish for and give to ourselves.

Some of my favorite ways to give back are:

A Free Be Magic Facebook Group to support people in creating magic in their lives and Being Magic for Other

I, also, give to charities I love and add 10% of the profits of this shop to these as well:


Love 146: This is one of my favorite charitable organizations. The though of child being slaves to sex traffickers breaks my heart and I chose to support organizations helping to free them with my dollars.

Kiva: Kiva isn't actually a charity. It is an organization that makes micro loans to entrprenuers all over the globe. I focus on undeveloped countries and giving to women because I want to support them in creating lives they love.